Sunday, January 19, 2014

I Always Think There’s Something Rather Foreign About High Spirits at Breakfast and Edith’s Walk of Shame.

walk of shame

Ooooo lawd…if Bates knew he was sitting across from the guy who attacked his wife….place your bets now, peeps!

SPOILER ALERT: THIS IS FOR THE 1/19 (US) EPISODE, WHICH I SEE WEEKS IN ADVANCE! (you know you’re jealous!) THE POST WILL BE LIVE AT 9:00 PM ON 1/19, so wait until after you watch, if you don’t want to be soiled  spoiled.

And when Gillingham tells Carson he will remember this visit for a long time to come…well, don’t you want to SMACK him?  Or maybe even cut off his manparts, Bobbit-style?
I predict he will meet a bad end.  I would love to see him beaten to death with an electric mixer by Daisy, Mrs. Hughes, and Mrs. Patmore, but I doubt that will happen.


So the doctor and Mrs. Isobel Crawley…is he married?  Can they get a room?  And speaking of rooms…Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson.  They are such good friends.  I suppose it would ruin it if they took it to the next level, plus he does have that big old head, but I just LIKE them.

Lady Mary and Rose are going on a girls’ trip to London.  Mary is meeting with tax men, and she’ll text dad when she gets the 4-1-1.  Rose will be acting like a skank.
So, Edna slipped Tom a roofie to get him to sleep with her.  Or just got him drunk and took advantage of him.  Whatever.  The point is, trapping someone into marrying you by getting pregnant is so 1919.  This is 1922, Edna!  That $hit won’t stick.  Who do you think he is—an NFL star?

BONUS: Mrs. Hughes shows her more-than-formidable cajones when she calls Braithwaite on it.  Not only does she call her on it, she totally makes up stuff in order to get rid of Braithwaite.  It’s official:  Mrs. Hughes is the $hit.

I’ll be honest…I’m not sure I want the Dowager to be nice.  Not that I think it’s Armageddon or anything, but it just doesn’t seem natural, somehow.  And does anyone else think that if Anna and Mary weren’t employer and employee, Anna would be sobbing and telling Lady Mary her sad story?  And Lady Mary would be all up Gillingham’s butt, telling him that he needs the po-po to come get his homeboy?  Dang the peerage!

Anna wants to 1. move back to the Abbey, and 2. keep the rape info from Bates.  Mrs. Hughes advises against keeping Bates in the dark, but Anna’s pretty sure he’ll kill the mofo if he knows. I still predict a bad end, and I’m sticking with that.  Bates, of course, is torn up about it, thinking she doesn’t love him any more.  DAMMIT, Julian Fellowes!!  Why did you mess with them??

Alfred thinks he should be puttin’ on the ritz.

(Alfred might actually be as tall as Young FrahnkenSTEEN’s monster, but I’m not sure.)

There’s a new band at the Lotus Club, and guess what?  *whispering* the singer is whatever they called African-Americans in the 1920s.

…aaaand the white folks are racist.  They would rather have Rose dancing with a wasted frat boy than the black dude, who seems very nice and actually looks like one of my current students, which the English IV class found quite amusing.
Edna and Thomas…there is some foreshadowing there.  Edna tells the wicked, wicked butler that someday he will be glad that he kept in with her.  I see some potential for monkey foolishness, unless, like Mrs. Hughes says, Thomas was Edna’s “candidate in mind.”  Oh, Edna…don’t you know that Thomas doesn’t like girls?

Lady Mary gets a proposal of marriage from Lord Gillingham (he of the evil valet from heck), which she promptly turns down.  This is great good luck for Gillingham, as Lady Mary just happens to have ladyparts of death.  It is not good luck for Mabel, Lord Gillingham’s “Plan B.”  Try living with that knowledge for the rest of your life, Mabel.  And watch out, new guys who appear next week as advisors to the landed gentry!  You could be next!

Edith spends the night with her man and sneaks into the house after dawn.  Her Aunt Rosamund calls her on it and brings up the fact that the other old dude left her at the altar, which Edith responds is “unkind.”  No, Edith.  That remark was not unkind.  It was downright B!tc#y.

And Bates getting marital advice from Lord Grantham?  It’s like rai-ai-ain on your wedding day.

On that note…cheerio!  See you next week!


  1. I am behind. My daughter and I just watched episode 2 the other night. We need to get up to date.

  2. I keep hoping that Mrs Hughes and Carson will get-it-on! Lol She is quite the feisty one - she took care of that troublesome, schemer maid pretty quickly. Impressive! Although I was sad to see her leave so quickly as I expected many hi-jinx from her and Thomas. But she played her hand too soon. (Rookie mistake)
    Ahh...Lady Edith and the walk of shame....That was funny. Who would have thought Aunt Rosamund to be a prude?

  3. Everything is mixed up. I hate watching Anna like this and the Dutchess is too nice. I think Anna might be the one to go ape shit on that ahole and he will deserve it! The doc and Crawley need to get together. She Needs something! Oh and what's with all the purple?

  4. I don't want anything to happen between Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson - because then they would have to do something awful to one of them and then we would all be unhappy. I like reading your re-caps - they improve my vocabulary so.

  5. Oops not on that season yet. Such a good show!

  6. You're so funny, love the re-hash! And thanks for the spoiler alert!

  7. Sorry...can't read it. Not even close to being caught up...

  8. So, we just finished the entire season Saturday evening. It ended with lots of loose ends needing to be tied. There was some satisfaction with a couple of characters, but still lots of mystery as to particulars. I love Downton Abbey, but I think it's time to come back with a 2 hour wrap up movie and let it go peacefully into that good night. I'm afraid if they drag the seasons out very much longer it will become less than what it is. Season four was actually a little disappointing compared to the first three. I got the sense in season four (current season) that the producers are trying too hard to be socially relevant. I don't care for my TV shows to make big social statements. Leave that to real life or documentaries. I want my TV to entertain me and everybody to live happily ever after. Anyhoo, maybe it's just me - I seem to remember becoming lost in LOST around season 4 and giving up on it in season 5, so maybe I'm just fickle. I did labor through all 10 seasons of McLeod's daughters on Netflix, but thought they should have ended after season 3. So yeah, guess that makes me a 5 season or less kind of girl. Friday night lights probably went one season too long, but they did end before it got too out of hand and that was one of the most enjoyable series that I watched and was sad it was over. Oh Edith - it gets better, or is it worse.... Downton will be back in December 2014 for a Christmas Special in which I hope they really tie up loose ends and decide it's enough. And I really love this series, but I just feel it's about done.

  9. Me thinks Julian has a very dark side lol - lots of horrible scenes seem to pop out of nowhere, don't ya think?

  10. You are spot on about Mrs. Hughes. She absolutely is the shiz. I love the friendship between her and Carson.
    I hope Mr. Bates takes care of business soon so he and Anna can be happy again.


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