Monday, January 6, 2014

DL’s Back!

I haven’t been posting for the last few weeks because there’s been all kinds of stuff going on at work and I’ve also needed to get one of the condos ready for a new tenant. (Kirby says: The condos ARE more important, as they are ‘sure money,’ as opposed to furniture which might not sell for a few months.  And I DON’T do the condo stuff.  That is the rule.  If something happens to DL, I am dumping those condos ASAP. I can’t take care of the house we live in, let alone two more that we don’t.) But this weekend I started two new projects and completed one.


I saw a little box bench at the shop in Greensboro where Kirb has a booth. (Kirby: and he grabbed onto that idea like a bulldog and would not let it go. I bet he asked me a thousand times if he should make one of these.)  I used some of the pieces of cherry trim that I had in the warehouse at work and added them to a box I built out of poplar.  I used some bead board pieces for the back of the box.


I’m not sure what this trim was meant for, because it isn’t finished off.  On this piece, I don’t really think it matters.  (Kirby again:  I think this was meant to be layered between other moldings, because it had little marks on one side of it.  Plus, it didn’t have finished edges on it.  It was cherry, though, and worth staining and incorporating on this piece.)

Kirby painted and stained it, and it’s ready to go! 


  1. I like that trim. I like when a piece has good details. Good move!

  2. Each time I read/see a project of DL's I am annoyed that the only job Magoo has done is refill his M&M jar. In like 20 years.
    Good for you, DL. You guys are a great team. :)

  3. Oh why can't the two of you be closer to help me figure out my kitchen facelift?!?!

  4. Fun piece, fun trim! Almost reminds me of tramp art somehow (which I love).

  5. What a great piece!…you two did a great job! Happy New Year!

  6. What a unique piece! It looks neat the way you have it decorated, too. The trim is very cool!
    Debbie :)

  7. I'd love to have a handy man about the place who could make castellated creations, great job !

  8. Love it! A gorgeous paint job too!!


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