Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Recap!

If you do nothing else this week, check me out at the Scoop!  Debbie invited me to participate, and I saw lots of cool projects.  Check it out here!

Like so many bloggers, I am going to do a 2013 recap, mainly because I’m too lazy to write something new.  I have to save my “New Blog Mojo” for Downton Abbey.
Speaking of Downton, the most-read blog of the year was a guest post by Danni at Silo Hill Farm.  She made a bell for Bates, and it is fabulous!

bell for bates
The second most popular post was the Thanksgiving Tabletop.  I was on a tour with other wonderfully creative ladies, and it was a lot of fun seeing what everyone put together.

thanksgiving tablescape 022

Another popular post was my Miss Mustard Seed-inspired dresser.  I imagine it made the rounds because I jumped on every linky party possible. I love this dresser!

Aug 17 018

And finally, the crazy Huffington Post post, which got some traffic from the actual Huffington Post.  It’s always fun to read what other people think I should be doing. (And then, of course, I do the opposite.)

Thanks to everyone for visiting and reading…and to folks who returned…hugs and kisses to you, especially!

I hope you will join me for my Downton Abbey afterparty on January 5th! It promises to be an unusual brilliant outstanding time!


  1. i loved the huffington post one! that was a fave of mine!

  2. Kirby, your precious! Thank you for featuring my Christmas kitchen at the Scoop! means so much to me. Your newest follower! Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year

    I miss the Huff Po post so I must get over to read it.

  4. It turns out that I am really old because I did read that post and I did comment on it, but that was back in April and how am I supposed to remember something I did in April, much less last week.

    I still haven't made a turkey and I was good and did not buy a single expensive purse in 2013.

  5. Fun stuff Kirby! Thanks for sharing my bell! Looking forward to the new year and more fun stuff from you.

  6. Happy New Year, my friend! And thanks for the walk down 2013 memory lane. Can't wait for the Downton recap! :) Linda

  7. Love that dresser. Following you on Facebook. I got here from The Scoop. Have a great 2014. If you have a kitchen related post you'd like to share, you're welcome to come over to my month-long party Every Room In The House at A Joyful Cottage. The theme room this month is The Kitchen. I'd love to see you.

  8. The Huff post was at the top of my faves, but I came here later in 2013. I happened over here when Bliss was blogsitting for you. So glad she invited me over too.

  9. I went back and re-read the Huffington post...and laughed all over again. Just love that one! I have to admit, I've never watched Downton Abbey...not that it matters, I've missed the party...still late reading emails!
    Debbie :)


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