Sunday, March 24, 2013

My new look...which does not extend to my body.

Now that I am into my blogging groove with my dozen "regular" readers (that means they stop in regularly, not a comment regarding their digestive systems), I decided to give the blog a little update.

The question was:  Do I make the move to WordPress?  All the famous bloggers are.
And then: Who do I think I am?
Finally: Who's going to PAY for this?

Yep, there you have it.  A face lift that did NOT require more than $100.  How's that for a bargain?

My "old" blogger was a great look for me when I first had it done a little over two years ago.  I had it done as a birthday present to myself, because I thought if I was going to invite folks to read my blog, I wanted it to look nice.  But, like any visually busy space, I got tired of it and I wanted to go for a simpler look.  I did a lot of research and talked to several bloggers who'd had work done, and all of them had great information and suggestions. 

They all told me to switch to WordPress.

"Everybody's doing it," they said.  "You won't be cool if you don't,"  they implied.  "You might not be able to hang out with us anymore..." I said to myself in my mind.

It was just like high school all over again.  Wanting to be cool, but never quite making it.

I think that the argument for WordPress was the fact that it is a better platform for advertising.  Ostensibly, over a period of time, that advertising would pay for the switch to WordPress. But I don't advertise, unless I throw one up on a Flashback Friday.  So that argument didn't work for me.  In short, I found a look I liked in a premade style on Smitten Blog Designs and purchased it for under a hundred bucks.

Another "new" addition to the blog is our semi-irregular (once agin, not relating to digestion.  Hey!  When you get to be a 'woman of a certain age'?  Digestion can be a frequent topic of conversation!) linky party--Tongue-in-Cheek Tuesday--where I join a number of talented ladies who are also of a certain age (except for Mel, she's a baby but she lives in a completely different hemisphere, so she ages backwards or something like that).  We are having a great time poking fun at ourselves (because that's what you do when you're a certain age) like we did with the  junk in our trunks.

In April, we're showing you how fashionable we can be in our Spring ensembles...won't you join us?


Suzan Sweatman said...

Very sophisticated Kirby - can't wait to see your ensemble dahlink!
( Wordpress terrifies me - I think of it at least once a week )
( Ask Danni what she thinks of Wordpress LMHO )

Collar City Brownstone said...

Hi Kirby,

Check your email if you haven't already.

All of your reasons for not making the switch are valid and I commend you for being your authentic self, no matter what everyone else is doing.

I made the switch on Friday and hopefully I will be able to post the Big Reveal later today.

As I wrote in my blog post on Friday it was about owning my content. That was the single most reason, but as I started to dig deeper I did not like that Blogger could deplete my blog at any time without warning if they choose to. Granted that is not likely to happen. It is not as if I am blogging about porn and spewing hate, but it could happen by accident (although again not likely).

I made sure that the costs was minimal. I already pay a very tiny annual free for my custom domain name. Now I have a $10.00 per month hosting fee, which is still miniscule. I was not paying for a blog template when Wordpress has literally thousands of customizable templates for FREE. Surely anyone can find one of their FREE templates to their likely if they really wanted. Some people just have in their minds that it is more "chic" to to be able to say they bought it. I say that is simply nonsense. I went with a FREE Wordpress template called Pinboard. I love it!

NanaDiana said...

I like your new look. I have heard as many negatives as positives about WordPress. If you notice some of the bloggers that are doing really well and have a huge following/commenting section lose a LOT of their followers and commentors after the switch. I guess dumb old me will stick with blogger for the time being. xo Diana

Carol Cook said...

Like your new look!

I have debated about switching to WordPress. My son does web development as a side job while in school and he says I need to update my blog. I tried the free version for a school website and it was more of a learning curve than I wanted to take on right then. I guess I am just an old dog.

Tina Lou said...

Gasp!!!!!!!!!!! We ARE?????
The blog looks really unique and is easy to navigate.
You don't need Wordpress.

Andrea said...

You are SUCH a cool kid! Thanks for letting me hang out here sometimes and listening to what I have to say! said...

What's the tuesday group you speak of? FYI... ground flax seed will change your life. IT's in the baking aisle.. seriously.. I even told my doctor to stop telling people to use Miralax.... ground flax seed baby!

xo, laura

I want in the popular group too?

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I grow weary of the Jr high bent of blotting...maybe we Blogger bloggers should just snub Wordpress blogs. But it probably wouldnt be very fulfilling. I can't see your new look yet cuz I'm on my phone. I hope you're not too cool for me now!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I grow weary of the Jr high bent of blotting...maybe we Blogger bloggers should just snub Wordpress blogs. But it probably wouldnt be very fulfilling. I can't see your new look yet cuz I'm on my phone. I hope you're not too cool for me now!

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

I love your new look and in the end, it's gotta be right for you! Happy Monday, Kirbs. :)
xo Heidi

Bliss said...

I am currently taking applications for my body double for the fashion show. The new one will be thinner.


Debbie Borthwick said...

I love your new look! I plan on purchasing a domain name this spring. And I would love a new look for the blog.
Blogger vs Wordpress...that is the question. One I've been debating over as well. I'm not sure, and I guess I need to do more research before making any decisions.
Debbie :) said...

I had a blogger blog and loved many things about it. Then I started a new blog on WordPress. I find it easier to navigate and they have a ton of free templates. I think it is really a matter of personal preference. I read blogs because I like the content, not because they are on blogger or wordpress. So, you should do what works for you. I keep coming back here from time to time to read because you make me laugh and we have a lot in common. I am a former English teacher, I have a few poems somewhere and am also 52 1/13. Ok, so at least three things in common.

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