Saturday, February 23, 2013

While the cat's away...

Bliss here from the BlissRanch blog.   While Kirby is off gallivanting around the country in a galaxy far far away, she has invited a few friends to hold down the fort here at Brandywine.  She told me to make myself at home so I told her I drink cheap wine and like cream and sugar in my coffee.

*Disclosure*  All photos in the post are from a website called They have all sorts of crazy stuff.

Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon
It's beautiful here at Brandywine, so I brought along a Darth Vader hot air balloon to take for a spin and get a birds eye view of Kirby's neighborhood.   Weird huh?  I mean who has a Darth Vader hot air balloon parked in their yard!  Bet that catches the snooty neighbors eye.

Since her neighbors might not be happy about that big thing, I have this remote control helicopter to fly by their windows.  If you know Kirby you know she wouldn't give a flying fig about what the snooty neighbors think.

The store didn't have one that said fig, so I got this one instead.

Flying Fig will set you back $30 bucks

I really don't want the neighbors to be mad at Kirby when she gets home, so I'm putting out the Brandywine welcome mat for them since I am sure they will be stopping by.

Welcome Mat, $34.99
If any of the neighbors are hostile because they don't like Darth Vader casting a shadow on their yard, or maybe they did not see the humor in the flying fig as it went by their window, I'll be ready for them.  I found this cute little black number in Kirby's closet.

$1500 Batman Motorcycle suit
It's a little long on me, and I never would of guessed Kirby would have something like this in her closet.  Would you?  You really get to know people when you house sit for them.

I explored Kirby's crafting room too and I could see she is really into repurposing.  After I slammed a few of her beers down, I whipped up these nun-chucks and put them by the front door.   If one of the snooty neighbors gets rowdy I can protect Brandywine.

Would you mess with a middle aged women wearing a batman suit and holding beer can nun-chucks?

I. didn't. think. so.

Nun chuck Beer Cans $13.00

Kirby loves a good DIY project as much as the next person, so I didn't think she would mind if I also made her some great repurposed lights out of beer cans.  These are to accent her chotchkies.  Kitchkies.  Chachees.  

I don't know how to spell that word, her knick-knacks that she writes about.

Beer Can Track Lights, $87.00
I did a little kitchen decorating at Brandywine too, you know, to sort of leave my mark saying 'BLISS from Minnesota was here'.

I hung these cast iron pans on the kitchen wall to thank her for having me.  They cost $300 each x 48 = $14,400.  I was a bit short on cash so had it billed to her husband, DL.

Hope she likes them, they take up the whole wall.  (It seems like a good time to ask "who the helll thinks up this stuff, frying pan states?".)

She should be able to fry eggs for the whole neighborhood when she gets back.

Some sweet little boy came over trying to sell Kirby magazines, probably a kid from her class.  He loved the batman outfit so I ordered Kirby one of every magazine he was selling.

After he was through writing all that info up, he was parched, so I grabbed this flask from off a pile of Kirby's school stuff and told him he could keep it, tell his folks it was a gift from her.

I sure hope Kirby asks me back again to keep an eye on Brandywine.  I had a blast!


Suzan Sweatman said...

I think Kirby should stay in Manhattan - there goes the neighbourhood Bliss LOL
Although I think the frying pan art is pretty awesome
Don't worry Kirby - your house is safe - your reputation? Not so much - but your house?
Yeah, it's safe

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

Kirby when youre done with the batman suit, send it my way...via darth.

Bliss I'm going away later in the year, you may not be asked to house sit :P

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said... are the best house sitter in the world!!! I suspected Kirby might have some kind of black pleathery outfit in the back of her closet and possibly some whips and chains! I am amazed that the walls of Brandywine could hold such a heavy art piece and I'm sorry you didn't elaborate more on how you got it up there...every food bloggers dream, I'm sure! Hop in your awesome balloon and float on over to Silo Hill Farm...bring those clever beer can nun chucks..cause I've got a few neighbors I'm annoyed with lately!

Art and Sand said...

Kirby was out of her mind to invite a former Valley Girl to take care of her house. They are notorious for throwing wild parties. You can move the girl to Minnesota, but you can't take "the valley" out of the girl.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Just returned home from a short trip, tired and grouchy. What a treat to sit down and read this! Lawd, do you come up with this stuff??? LMAO.
I think my sons want to hire you as their decorator asap!
I'm jealous that you made Kirby all that cool stuff. And you must promise us that you'll wear the Batman suit and the use the beer can nunchucks for your Halloween Bash 2013.
Have the police arrived yet???

Bliss said...

Ah ha ha ha ha ha....

Andrea said...

This was simply awesome...and hilarious.

DallyGirl said...

Beer can track lights!?!?! Cast iron wall art?!?! You could pull together a man cave in 8 seconds flat. Or you could ride a bull in 8 seconds flat too. Perhaps adding a mechanical bull would be a good idea too...hmmm. I hope Kirby loves her new digs ;)

Full Circle Creations said...

Too funny Bliss!

Heather said...

Remind me not to ask you to house sit anytime soon! :) So funny!

Lorraine Finkbeiner said...

Kirby in a Batman suit frying up Minnesota shaped will take awhile to get THAT out of my the way I moved and I'm NOT sending you my new address......however, I DO have yours.......

Jean @ said...

Oooo...oooo....I so need that Darth Vader balloon!

Debbie Borthwick said...

LOL Too funny, Bliss!

Audrey said...

Too funny Bliss ... you just can't be trusted.
Audrey Z.
Timeless Treasures

JOY 2 JOURNEY said...

Right?! :)

Good Time Charlie said...

I wish I could laugh louder, but then my kids will come in here running to see what I am laughing about. This is very funny. Don't be offended if I don't ask you to house sit for me.

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