Monday, January 14, 2013

The world's smallest bathroom takes a YEAR AND A HALF!!!

If you remember  (I know---it's been more than a year and we all have short attention spans, so maybe you don't)--we had a few problems that we had to fix in the world's smallest bathroom.
And by 'fix'?  I mean totally replace.
The whole problem started when I fell through the bathroom floor.  (Okay, if I'm being honest?  The whole problem started when we bought this house.)

One of the problems was just deciding what to do--it was a real dilemma.

We didn't want to spend a ton of money putting this room together,  because of the return on investment per square foot.  (When you flip houses, this is what you think about, even if you live in your flip.)

Replacing the floor and toilet were crucial,

and DL found marble on sale.
My response?
Are you SERIOUS?  MARBLE?  Who puts marble floors in a knotty pine, cowboy bar-style bathroom that is decorated in a style that one can describe only as Early Oklahoma Roadhouse?

It turns out that we do.  Especially once some of that pine is painted taupe, while the ceiling is given a whitewash treatment.

Colors were chosen based on adjoining rooms.  (Okay, let's be honest.  The adjoining room has no climate control, so it's cold as heck in there in the winter and hot as Hades in the summer.  The adjoining room has not been decorated.  The adjoining room is awaiting about $30,000 worth of work, which we will get around to when we either win the lottery or sell 'slightly used' internal organs.)  So I used the colors in the living room (because I already had leftover paint on hand) and a painting that I found that was done by the original designer/owner of the house.  (Yes, the woman in the painting has one bubbala out.   That is the hallmark of the Joe King/Vinciata style.  Plus, it has something for gentlemen to look at while they tinkle.)

DL added an electrical outlet, as there was no outlet in the bathroom,

And I painted and stained an old sewing machine cabinet. (The plastic cup isn't there was there while we tested for leaks.)

DL found the sink and faucet online and I found the soap dispenser at the Tar-jhay.  The curtain is made of fabric I had laying among the roughly thirty-thousand yards of fabric I now own.  (Because as everyone knows, nothing says 'love' like another yard of unnecessary fabric.)

So there you have it.  This bathroom is ready for use!  If you come visit, you can do your business in the world's smallest bathroom!

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  1. it looks adorable! love the furniture piece and love the ceiling!

  2. It does look great! I love the painting, too.

  3. I love that you used an old sewing machine cabinet.
    And btw, your boob is showing.

  4. Looking good, Kirby! I love the sink!

  5. It's small - but I think mine is smaller (yes, that is something only a woman would say)!

    I especially love the plastic cup under the sink - where did you find that? Is it vintage?

    And if you're giving up organs, I don't want your liver!!!!

  6. That definitely is the world's smallest bathroom. You did an amazing job making it over. They say, everything happens for a reason. You could be in some boring new house that needs no TLC...but instead you are in a house that provides countless entertaining stories to share with your readers and you are making this house a real beauty in the process.

  7. You are hilarious!!! I laugh out loud with almost every post.

  8. At least you and DL won't gain any weight -- you wouldn't be able to fit in that teeny tiny bathroom!! I think it rocks... even the kooky painting. :)
    xo Heidi

  9. I thought my powder room was small. I think yours is a two-tiler. Mine is a 4-tiler!


  10. That's a lotta style (and a little bubbala) in one tiny bathroom. Beautiful!

    PS: I hear the market's great right now on internal organs. Just something to consider.

  11. You better not let any pregnant women in there, they might have to stay til birth. I like that ceiling. A lot.

  12. Early Oklahoma Roadhouse!! I'm crackin up!! no wait...I might have a room like that. I am seriously diggin that awesome. Also love the white washed pine. Wish I'd thought of that when we lived in the cabin.

  13. Laughing... And hot as Hades.. I have been saying, "Hot as Haitis" It's like when I sing the lyrics and start doing my own re-mix! thanks for linking up sista! I am a realtor so I totally get the psf reference and the early Oklahoma Roadhouse! Great visual! Love the sink and totally recognize the cute soap dispenser! laura

  14. Love it! Featured at Favorite Friday or is it Friday Favorite!

  15. Where did you get your faucet? We're redoing our bath and I'm trying to find one for less than $200. So expensive! Thanks!

  16. Hey, Kirby! I just realized this was your blog! Help me, please :)

  17. Please don't sell any of your slightly used internal organs, Kirby! That's why we DIY on the cheap! LOL The remodel looks great. Thanks for linking up to the B&A party!


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