Tuesday, January 22, 2013

And now that other folks have started this...

I am making style boards.

Style boards are trendy right now, and one of my New Year's Resolutions is to be all trendy and whatnot.  And to use the word "whatnot" more.

What are style boards?  Well according to this blogger and many others, it's a board where you put together things that you have pinned (on pinterest) and look for commonalities.

Really?  This is me.  I have nothing in common with myself.

This might not be what the home decor/DIY bloggers are talking about, but it pretty much sums me up.
*Downton Abbey Update* which someone e-mailed me and asked me to do after every episode, because I cannot tweet during the show, as I am DVRing it. Bedtime comes early at Brandywine.
So, here are my thoughts on this week's episode: First and foremost, I was intrigued by the whole "Mr. Bates in the big house" storyline, but it is getting old.  The bits and pieces of it each week is not conducive to maintaining momentum.  I think that they need to wrap this sucker up by having either (a) Mr. Bates starting a prison riot and becoming a spokesperson for prison reform, or (b) he's secretly hired by MI-6 to gather information from what Lord Grantham refers to as the "Johnny Catholics."
Lady Edith is now a spokesperson for the feminist movement.  That, in addition to the fact that she is less-comely than her sisters, may make her Downton's Jodie Foster.
Lastly, the Irish Nationalist has been accused of burning down a castle. Now, he has been told he has to stay at Downton, which is another castle.  I'm not thinking that the first person I'm going to welcome into my castle is a guy who burns them down, son-in-law or not. Just sayin'.
Next time we will be discussing the whole new footman deal as well as the new kitchen helper and see what happens with Daisy and the tall redhead. Or Thomas, who deserves to have an interesting storyline, even if he is a jerk.


  1. Maybe they should have Bates come clean - and confess that he murdered his wife ( the thought actually crossed my mind LOL )

  2. I still haven't seen Downton Abbey yet....I need to start with the first season, I suppose. I haven't made any style boards yet....I need to lear more about theme. I do have themed boards....do they count? :/

  3. OMG coffee keeps me busy til it's time to get drunk. love it!

  4. I'm trying to pick up on this series in the middle....it's confusing. You may not have a lot in common with yourself...but I see a few things there that make me think we are related!

  5. Mr. Bates and Anna bore me to tears. I, frankly, was hoping for Mr. Bates to be executed last season. (Isn't that terrible? Luckily he is not a real person.) Anna is a little too goody-goody. She needs a little something in the plot line to make her less dull. The reading the letters at the same time? Gag.

    Lately Daisy is becoming one of my favorites.

  6. Maybe I should just resolve to find out what is trendy, and thank you for telling us what a style board is...I am still afraid of Pinterest!

  7. I don't watch Downton Abbey, I watch Kirb Appeal.


  8. I had no idea I was trendy. Thanks for pointing that out. Just adore your Downton Abbey observations. Though it worries me that Edith is the feminist of the bunch ...

    And I must say I'm bored with all the "money issues" talk ...

    :) Linda

  9. The whole Bates story line is just downright depressing -- and he's looking a little psycho lately. Ugh. The new footman is handsome, but cheeky -- he'll probably be the downfall of at least one of the maids. Just sayin'!
    A signature style board is on my to-do list, but I need a snow day to accomplish it. Could you send some my way?
    xo Heidi


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