Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013: My kitchen is pi$$ing me off.

If you have been reading this for any length of time, you know that this house (Brandywine) has problems.

This is NOT Brandywine.  This is a much better house.  One that hasn't been idiotically 'updated' by idiots.  This IS, however, the color of our doors.
 I can assure you that Brandywine has been an incredibly expensive undertaking.  Add to that the fact that we bought when the real estate market was grossly overinflated.  Which basically means we are sitting in what amounts to a mound of gold-plated dooky.

Be that as it may, I love y'alls kitchens.  I pin kitchens.  I pin the heck outta kitchens.  I pin so many kitchens, kitchens should feel like the most popular (read "loose") girl in the sorority.  Without the grain alcohol.

I pinned this for the sink and the glass-front cabinets.

I pinned this for the vintage elements.
I  pinned this for the big honkin' windows.
I pinned this for the earthy elements.
I pinned this for how light it feels.
I pinned this for the ceiling.
       And I just keep pinning.  I also browse blogs looking for even more kitchens.  Like this oneAnd this one.  And this one.
And DEFINITELY this one, even though it feels sorta naked.  Put some tchotchkes in there, Jessica!
You know what these kitchens do?  They make me hate my kitchen even more.  They make me want to grab my kitchen around the neck, jack it up against the lockers, and shake the heck outta it.  I want to hurt my kitchen.  I want to hurt my kitchen BAD.
I know what you're thinking.  I know you're thinking "Gee, Kirby...why don't you be a good little do-it-yourselfer and fix that kitchen up.  After all, you've remodeled FOUR kitchens already.  How hard can one more be?"
Well, here's the answer.  The fact is that our other homes have been basic suburban tract homes.  Going in and ripping out an old kitchen to put in a new kitchen didn't require the research and thought and planning...a new kitchen in a tract house just requires some cherry or oak stock cabinets, some new appliances and a new travertine or granite countertop.  But Brandywine?  Brandywine is not that easy.
It takes a lot of pinning.
Until I figure out a way to love my kitchen, I'm pretending my kitchen looks like this:


Eclectic Other design

Which would take about seventy-bazillion dollars and an act of god, but a gal can dream, can't she?


suzyq said...

I absolutely - positively - despise my kitchen more than you can despise yours lol.
100 year old row house flat - so the kitchen space is basically the size of a modern home's walk in closets ( and don't get me started on closets either )

Laura from Top This Top That said...

okay sista, settle it down. Violence is not necessary. It is just a kitchen . Besides if you loved your kitchen more you would spend more time in it and that would require more time cleaning it.

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

Are you out of alcohol Kirby??? I hated my kitchen so much...I ripped out all of the cabinets....and never replaced them. (They had shotgun blasts in them anyway.) Thank God we can dream/pin.....and drink.... and be pi$$ed off at previous owners.

thistlewoodfarm said...

It's funny that you posted this.....I was just thinking of ways to improve my kitchen, too! Maybe I should start with Pinterest. :)


Marianne said...

My kitchen looks like 3 little boys have repeatedly rammed themselves and their trikes into it. Mostly because that's what has happened. Take heart. You are not alone.

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Lol -- tell us how you're REALLY feeling, Kirbs! I picture you with a kitchen like the one in "It's Complicated"... keep pinning and at some point you'll get a plan in place. Or so I'm told. :)
xo Heidi

Art and Sand said...

I am new to your blog and I imagine I am not the first to tell you how much fun it is to read your posts. The pictures are great too. I know what you mean about kitchens although I don't get a lot of say on the kitchen. It is not my domain. I am not even allowed to wash dishes. My husband is the cook, both literally and figuratively. After looking at beautiful white kitchens all week, I got out white paint and some old shelves and I painted them in the studio (also his domain) last night. I am just waiting for him to get home so we can hang them in his kitchen. And, he is going to let me put up some tchotchkes!

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

I spent all this time and money painting my cabinets and getting a new counter and yet I'm still pinning kitchens. Now I have new ideas of how I'm going to desperately try to make it look more like my pinned kitchens and less like my builder grade covered in paint kitchen!


Eclectically Vintage said...

I think you're on to something with the grain alcohol - chug it and you will feel like you're in your dream kitchen!!!

Lisa said...

What great ideas! Wonderful grouping of photos as well. Inspiring.

Eugene said...

Big windows in a kitchen is what I've been dreaming about too! I've always wanted the same kitchen as the ones below, ever since. However, kitchen remodeling is quite expensive and I don't have any cash to spare right now. In the meantime, I'll just pin as much kitchens as I want. Haha!

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