Friday, December 7, 2012

Who's with me??

There's nothing that stirs the blood like a good, old-fashioned revolution.
Especially if it's French.
You the one that Charles Dickens (or, as I like to call him, Chuck Baby) wrote about. has BEARDLESS Dickens, whom I prefer

And Coldplay sang about.


(It's not stealing if it's in the public domain!)
The same French Revolution that will be appearing in theatres near you.

You've seen previews of the revolution--it involves Hugh Jackman.

Photo courtesy of Vogue

(Yeah, you can rip me off a piece of that.)

So with all this talk of revolution, I've decided to start one of my own.  It will be something about which I have strong feelings (like the French and the first estate)...perfection.
December 18th, join Danni, Bliss and me for "Tongue-in-Cheek Tuesday" and see the first shots of a revolution of sorts.
I'll even speak French if you want me to.


  1. Moi will bring the French Fries madame.


  2. Can't wait for your revolution or Jean Valjean this Christmas!


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