Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sharing the balls

As I decorate the tree (which no one helps me with, by the way), I take the opportunity to reflect on the first fifty-plus years.

Back in the day (in the house where I raised my family, which was a big, honking 11-room thing), I put up a lot of trees.  There are a lot of bloggers who do this...mostly young families with kids still at home.  But that's not me anymore.

I have one tree...a fake tall slim tree from K-Mart, fake because my son is allergic to fir, tall and slim because of the space, from K-Mart because it was cheap.  It was difficult to get rid of fifty percent of the ornaments, but I sorted through them and some went into a box for my daughter, some went into a box for my son, and some went into a box for the less-fortunate.
Of course, I kept the best ones for myself.

Y'all who think you are all crafty and whatnot?  Well, back before there was a Martha Stewart, my mom was Martha Stewart.  Seriously.  She had a degree in Home Economics and she could do ANYTHING.  She and my dad completely restored an 1876 farmhouse, she could bake a pie that was to die for, and she made my wedding gown.  Martha can put that in her pipe and smoke it.  The above ornament with the kitty face was something my mom made for me, circa 1967, in lieu of getting me a cat.  This ornament is OLDER THAN A LOT OF YOU ARE.  (Yes, I am talking to you, Cassie.)

This is a great vintage bird ornament that was always on our tree growing up.  There is some speculation as to 'where this ornament went' but if it is spotted on my tree, I will claim that it was 'given' to me by my mother, and she must have forgotten that she 'gave' it to me.

I made this ornament about ten years ago.  I made one just like it for an ornament exchange and people FOUGHT OVER IT!  I keep this on my tree to remember that brief, shining moment.

This ornament is from my hometown.  This is the bandstand in the middle of the park where we used to have (and still have) community functions.  A plaque memorializing my dad is to the left of the steps.

And there are those ornaments with the sweet preschool faces on them...

(Yes, that is a very sad face.  As precious as she was, she hated having her picture taken.  For three years, every photo shows her on the brink of tears.) For a time, I thought maybe she was Amish, and the camera would steal her soul.  But I don't think that there were any Amish babies born in the same hospital the same week, so I guess she wasn't switched at birth.

I found this ornament in a little shop that had really odd merchandise.  I like to call this guy "drunk Santa."  Because that pretty much sums up the tree-decorating evening at my house.

What's on YOUR tree?


Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

Ha! You thought your kid might be Amish!! I'm crackin up! Nice ornaments and I love that you keep and use the ones that give good memories. My tree is bare...but all of my boxes are down from the attic and strung from hell to breakfast. They will remain that way until Wednesday as I have to work the next 3 days. But then, I'll pour myself a drink (I have recently discovered a wonderful ginger liquor that seems to go well with a good bourbon) and get right down to it.

pendy said...

Love the photo ornaments...I have some of those, too. Every ornament on my tree is a memory; not a fan of the tree as a decor statement.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

First off, are you saying that Cassie is the only one younger than that ornament? Hmmpff.
Surely you have an ornament older than the rest of us???
My trees are bare right now and I may keep them that way. It's so warm that we may have a Christmas pool party.
I love all your handmade ornaments. I love mine, too. I hope I live long enough to give them to my grand kids one day. And I won't have them anytime soon- because I'm young and you surely have an ornament older than I am.

Kim said...

My tree is still in a box on the floor.
I've threatened not to put it up for the past 3-4 years but for some reason, every year, I drag it out, scowl at it, assemble it, slap some lights and bulbs on it, and try to enjoy it for the month that it's up.
I haven't put my most precious ornaments on the tree for many years because we had cats. Never fails that at least once during the season the cats would knock the tree down and break some of the ornaments. This is the first year with no cats but this year we have 3 grandchildren who are only toddlers. They can be just about as destructive as cats when it comes to bright, shiny, dangling things.
Maybe next year I'll get out the precious ornaments (if I put the tree up).

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

I think drunk Santa might be my most favorite of all -- though your daughter's face on that ornament just broke my heart!

:) Linda

P.S. One tree is fine. Normal.

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

What a fun walk down Kirby's memory lane... those precious preschool faces are the best, but drunk Santa? He's my kinda guy!
xo Heidi

Janis@All Things Beautiful said...

I adore your vintage ornaments! So lovely, and filled with such wonderful memories! That is one of my favorite things about decorating the tree, reminiscing as I hang those treasured ornaments from years ago. Love that little skate! Thanks for sharing!

Feral Turtle said...

I feel for your Amish daughter!! Haha Great ornaments Kirby I had to come back a year and check out drunk Santa Lol He's awesome!

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