Tuesday, November 6, 2012

While the cat's away...

Well, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore event is over.
I can cross that off the list.

While it was fun and very, very challenging, it was too big a job for one person (and her helpful husband) to handle.  After all---a full room makeover in 3 weeks?  Working after a full day of teaching school and giving up all day on Saturdays?

WTF was I thinking, anyway?

It did give me a chance to step away from the mess (for me, anyway), that is blogging...you know, to really take a long, hard look at it.

And I made a few discoveries:

1.  That most of my recent traffic comes out of Russia and Kazakhstan, looking for pictures of teenage girls. (To explain, I wrote a little post about dealing with middle school cliques, and now it is my most popular post, which is bull$hit, frankly.  The Russians are skewing my numbers--part of their insidious post-Cold War plot.)

2. That my friends knew why I wasn't blogging and commented, and that others...well, they just quit reading.  And my followers decreased fairly significantly.  (I will soon be into the negative numbers. Can you have negative followers?)

3.  That the whole reason I began blogging--which was to force myself to write--has been lost in the transition to the DIY world, where folks aren't necessarily reading for content, but looking for ideas.  I respect the DIY arena--after all, I've been DIYing since 1974 (which is before a lot of these women were BORN, fercryin' outloud), but if I changed direction and began blogging about books or battling a disease or something, I'm not sure they would be interested.  So who are my readers? (You know--the ones who will comment.  Because the Russians don't.)

4.  Ultimately, the break was good.  But there's a little part of me that wonders what would happen if I stayed away...


  1. I don't know about the others, but what drew me to you and your blog is your writing and your humor -- not the DIY. I can find plenty of that. I can find plenty of that with decent writing and pretty pics. I can find even more of that with mediocre writing and pretty pics. And I can find boat loads of that with crappy writing and/or pretty pics ...

    And I for one liked the middle school clique post -- found it useful since I have a teen and a tween.

    So if you want to abandon the DIY and just write about you and your experiences and observations, I'm here. In fact, I'm here to ensure that your numbers will never, ever venture into negative numbers!



  2. Karen i love your blog. You have a New follówer from chile

  3. I found your blog through the DIY channels, but I continue to read because of the writing. I just don't comment very often (ever). Anyway, hope you stick around, because you are fun to read! I like it when people have their own ideas rather than just doing trendy little projects for the sake of content.

  4. Well,I would be dreadfully sad if you went away...but will you please tell me who offed the balloon guy?! Xoxox

  5. I'm a terrible commenter but I read every post you write.

  6. Your too funny and entertaining to give it up...I am a foreigner ....Canada...okay not that far away...but still...I vote stay :) cheers frances

  7. I read because of the writing, too.
    Linda summed it all up quite nicely~ and I'll add that you should write what you want, Kirby. We can get ideas all day long on Pinterest, and we do! Stop caring about those stupid numbers and make us laugh. You do it so well.

  8. Well I would miss you. I read your blog for your writing. I decorate (don't have time to DIY and don't own chalk paint OR burlap) and I would sorely miss your perspective on things. Carry on Mz Kirb!!!

  9. And just who the heck am I going to read with my morning coffee if you go away?? I'm here because I <3 you AND your writing, and if there's DIY thrown in then great. I'm still waiting to find out what happened in the great balloon caper????
    xo Heidi

  10. Seriously, it's your humor and writing I like the most. There are so many DIY blogs out there but very few can "bring it" with a bit of witty commentary. Everyday I scour my incoming list of emails looking for one from you (well, you and The Bearded Iris...Bless Her Heart). I like pictures of a great makeover/DIY project but I love a good story.
    "Tell us a story...(said the wide-eyed children, sitting cross legged, in a circle, on the floor)....pleasssssse".

  11. It is always a surprise to read your posts! Love your style and don't care what the topic is...
    jo in tn

  12. The Kremlin would probably recruit you.


  13. HI, my name is Dharma and I am a Negative Follower. LMAO - lady do what you do, bring the truth and giggles. Your DIY is the shizzit but I read you to hear YOU. YOU know? Over and outski.....if you didn't know I am originally a mail-order bride from Moscow. Explains why I keep coming back, yes? Nyet.


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