Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey and Crap

I am not 'Black Friday-ing' because of the Thanksgiving Thursday fiasco.

You see, yesterday while I was cooking my fabulous Thanksgiving for two (not as easy as it may sound), I decided I did not like where my electric can opener was stored. (This house has the most dysfunctional kitchen I have ever lived with.  The fact that the most expensive house has the worst kitchen is a real tribute to how screwy the people who 'renovated' it were. Which is undoubtedly why they're in a home somewhere.)

So I decided to move the small appliances from the small, wonky lower cabinet into the larger, wonky lower cabinet where the Tupperware was. Then I could flip-flop the ever-expanding plastic container collection to the smaller cabinet where most of it could just migrate to the spots where I can't reach it.

Photo courtest of some save-the-planet organization, which wants us to stop using plastic. What are they suggesting I put my lunch in?

I only need about five of these, doesn't matter if the rest of it disappears.
Unfortunately, all this domestic organization meant that I had to get into the 'mouse cabinet.' (You can read about my adventures with mice here.)  Which, of course, meant a HazMat suit and rubber gloves and lots of disinfectant--because mice don't care where they poop.

As with so many of my little 'organizational projects'--notice how that term is in quotes?  It's because I am being ironic--it turned into a giant mess.  I did not take photos, as subjecting you to cruels and unusual punishment is forbidden by the Geneva Convention.  Lt's just say it ended with me 'rearranging' several cabinets and drawers.

Was this a way of getting out of the dishes?  (Because there are just as many pots and pans when you cook for two as there are when you cook for six.)
Only for a few hours.

So instead of spending Black Friday dealing  with crowds, I am cleaning my kitchen. 
Admit it.  You know you're jealous.


The Witch's Kitchen said...

I think I would actually prefer that!

I won't be dealing with Black Friday crowds either. I will be at work trying to get a new payroll system set up.

Wanna trade?

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

I avoid black friday like the plague. There's a reason they call it "black".

Andrea said...

My stepmother and I were reorganizing her laundry room last night...must be something else in the turkey!

Tammy of {Tattered and Timeless} said...

Awwww totally good plans gone completely wonky..that is how my life works all the time haha

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

I spent part of my Black Friday having a pap smear. How fun is that? Cleaning the kitchen would be way better!

Mrs. Tuna said...

I spent Black Friday riding the horses. Much, much more satisfying then Target at 2 AM.

Kim said...

Dishes ...eww. I'd organize just to get out of that too. for 2 is just as much of a mess maker as cooking for a crowd.
I don't do the Black Friday 'thing' because I simply hate the commercialism of the holiday ... but ... I did end up going shopping later in the evening (after the worst of it was over and the majority of the crowds had left the building). It was pretty quiet, I got to take advantage of a few decent discounts on the stuff I was looking for (sparkly new knobs for a few dressers..50% off!! and some new paint brushes..30%off!!), and even my husband and grandson tagged along without complaining(priceless).

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Honestly, cleaning the kitchen sounds so much preferable to black Friday shopping! I have to go out today (the microwave oven up and died last night) and am dreading every minute of it ...



Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Well, shucks... not sure whether Black Friday shopping or cleaning the kitchen is better. Look at it this way, you are starting with a clean slate that many of us ARE truly jealous of. We're just not willing to don the hazmat suit to get there.
Bravo, Kirby! Hope the turkey was yummy and your hubs had a nice glass of wine waiting for you when the cleaning was over. :)
xo Heidi

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