Thursday, November 15, 2012

This is being published while I'm away...

...taking fifty 8th graders to Washington DC. 

You know you're jealous.  It's like watching "Real Housewives."  You know it's not good for you, but you just can't turn away.

So while I'm out of town, I'm re-posting a few things.  These don't count towards my total posts, which will be FIVE HUNDRED when I get back!  Woot!  Can I get an "AY-MEN" ?

So, in the interim, here's one from last spring.

Wow!  Miss a day of blogging, and....
First, the fun and funny Andrea over at Maybe it's Just Me gave me an award that I can add to my page o' props. 
Apparently, there are rules that go along with this award, but anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not a huge rule-follower.  I know, teachers are supposed to follow the rules, but every school has at least one renegade, and I have been chosen.
Now, I'm supposed to tell you ten things about myself that you don't know.   Honestly, probably the only person who does know me well is DL, and that's because he's been crazy enough to stick around.

1.  I have serious hair issues.  I have never colored it, and although it was once platinum blonde, it has faded to a beige-y taupe.  Taupe hair  Not a good look on anyone.  So I cut it all off.  But it gets expensive having it cut every six weeks, so now I'm debating growing it out and (maybe) even getting highlights.  I hate my hair.  Almost as much as I hate snakes.  And no, 'hate' is not too strong a word for snakes or hair.

2.  I have an obsession with cupcakes right now.  I pin them constantly on the Pinterest, AKA the time-sucker extraordinaire.  I am going to try every single one of those recipes.  And apply every single one of those cupcakes directly to my thighs, where they will end up anyway.

3.  Even though I live in North Carolina, basketball takes up only a very small marginal part of my life.

4.  British guys.  $hit.  Really?  Alan Rickman?  Colin Firth?  Liam Neeson?  Hugh Grant?  David Beckham?  Ralph Fiennes?  Sean Connery?  You can rip me off a piece of any of them.

5.  This summer I want to learn to can stuff.  Like strawberry jam or blackberry barbeque sauce or tomatillo salsa.  I'll let you know how that turns out.

6.  "Kirb Appeal" started as a vlog.  Yep.  I posted all the videos to facebook, but then my computer crashed, so that's where they'll stay because I don't know how to access them.

7.  Like Kelly Ripa, my daughter never learned to ride a bike until she was an adult.  She was a very shy, tentative kid, and I figured why push the issue?  She does ride one now, because she was determined to learn.  A bike is easier to use in the big city, apparently.  Having never lived in a big city, I have no idea.

8.  I have never lived in a big city.

9.  I was an English//Communications major and got a minor in Dance.  What the heck was that about?

10.  There are people in my family (like my mother) who believe I am a changeling.  A changeling, for the unaware, is described by Wikipedia as:
A changeling is a creature found in Western European folklore and folk religion. It is typically described as being the offspring of a fairy, troll, elf or other legendary creature that has been secretly left in the place of a human child. Sometimes the term is also used to refer to the child who was taken. The apparent changeling could also be a stock or fetch, an enchanted piece of wood that would soon appear to grow sick and die. The theme of the swapped child is common among medieval literature and reflects concern over infants afflicted by as-then unknown diseases, disorders, or mental retardation.

So, apparently, my mother thinks I'm a fairy. Or mentally challenged.  Or a piece of wood. If I'm being honest, I've been called worse.



Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i love british guys, too. and i was an english comm major, but i skipped out on the dance. :)

Eclectically Vintage said...

Don't those 8th grade parents realize they left the care of their kids in the hands of a changeling! One who lusts after British hotties!

Marianne said...

Great responses. I accidentally dyed my hair black today. Things aren't going well.

I want to be a changeling. Sounds romantic. Your mom and I would get along famously.

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Whole lotta Kirby goodness going on here. :) May the Force be with you on your trip. Your spot it heaven will be secured... xo Heidi

Bliss said...

So many comments swirling around in my mind, I'll just say I didn't know you were obsessed with cup cakes. I have failed you.


Kim said...

Save yourself. Apply the cupcakes directly to the thighs of 8th graders (just keep them **the cupcakes and the 8th graders** away from the British guys).

Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

I am sitting here sick (not from reading your post but actually suffering a head cold), looking through GFC reader and THANKFULLY found this post. I needed a laugh, laughter is the best medicine, right?. Thank you so much for making me feel better. I am curious what you did with your taupe hair...which, in your profile picture, I think you look lovely. Enjoy your trip with DC with your class. I remember that trip well. I am sure we torture Mr. Lee (the science teacher in charge of us) but those are some of my most favorite memories from school. said...

You crack me up! Thanks for linky to my Flash Mob LInky... epic fail! Or is it "epic failure." I know the expression is sooo 2009, but I like it. I have two people who joined and I was one of them! I was a Communication major! My neighbor taught my daughter to ride! I was done with it! I hate snakes. Like just talking about them gives me the heebie jeebies. Goosebumps!

My sister just got back from a week long 7th grade camp trip with her school and Cabin #2 had head lice! I subbed two days in library at my school and now I know why teachers have unions :0). Every question I answered I was like, "am I allowed to say that?"

Juanita McLellan said...

Hey, following via the flash mob link. :D

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Hahahaha! Loved this post the first time around ... and it is equally loved on this read as well!

Hope the trip went smoothly ...



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