Sunday, November 4, 2012

More before and after

One of the reasons I chose a dining room as my room to design was the abundance of dining room furniture available at the ReStore.

I originally started with a set from the 1940s--that era of mass-produced furniture that I love to makeover--with a rectangle table on two pedestals and four darling carved chairs. I jumped on re-doing the chairs right away.

These were just the typical tapestry seats that come on these chairs.

I used homemade white chalk paint---two coats, then the usual distressing, concentrating on the carving. I waxed them with CeCe Caldwell's dark wax and re-covered the seat with some great fabric (gray, to match the walls) that I found for $4 a yard.  It looks like ultrasuede, but it's really the velour that's used in automotive upholstery.  I love the fact that it's durable and that stains wipe off.

I love the way they turned out!

The table, on the other hand, was not going so well.
My sweet husband took it apart for me, and I cleaned it off, but it wasn't the size or shape I wanted.  I wanted a table that I could stain the top of, while painting the legs and apron...and a pedestal table just wasn't going to work.

Then, at the last minute, this table came in:

...and I thought "Eureka!"

I love it, too.
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  1. Beautiful Kirby! I love the pops of orange in the room. :)

  2. It looks great and I love the chair makeover. They are gorgeous now!!!

  3. That table really does look fabulous!

  4. you are on a roll! it looks amazing! and i LOVE the peek of yellow i am seeing....

  5. The chairs look great. The table is a perfect fit!

  6. I can't keep visiting here when my ugly furniture and messy house taunt me.


  7. Yowza, Kirby!!! I LOVE the chairs and table!! Awesome job, friend ~ happy Monday!
    xo Heidi

  8. Very Nice!
    I'm glad to see it's coming together so well for you.

  9. Gorgeous! And the idea to use the automotive fabric? Totally brilliant!!

  10. Wow love those chairs, I never seem to find chairs anywhere, and when I do are so expensive. So glad you found your table that goes so well. Love you pops of orange in the room. Great job! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!


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