Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Moving Forward (the further adventures of Brandywine)

We left Kirby exploring the inside of Brandywine.  While there are some things she loves, like the Dutch Doors, there are some things that confuse her... (but, if we're completely honest, she's confused most of the time.  She likes to blame it on menopause.)

Like this mystery button hidden inside a bookcase:

And this hole outside the back stoop:

What about the fact that there is something missing from atop the bookcase?

Here's where it belongs:

Ignoring these oddities like the idiots we were, we made an offer on the house.
And the old folks countered.
And we counter-countered.
And they counter-counter-countered.
At that point, I told DL to stop the insanity and walk the heck away.  Actually, I told him he was insane and I would have him committed if he continued.
But he didn't listen to my little voice--the voice that said "Yo!" in a mean Philly accent.  The voice that threatened to bust his kneecaps.  The voice that had cement overshoes conveniently located in the trunk of the car.
DL kept going, and eventually broke the old folks down.  (Helpful hint: just because the bank WILL give you a mortgage with which you are grossly uncomfortable doesn't mean you should take it.)
Papers were signed and delivered, and the next day at 8 a.m. we got a phone call. 
Our realtor told us the old people were backing out.
They couldn't leave their house.  (At this point, I was ready to walk away.  No, not walk...run like Wilma Rudolph in the 100 metre dash. Run like Seattle Slew at the Kentucky Derby.  Run like I was covered with a zillion fire ants.  Which shoud probably be a 'stop, drop, and roll sorta thing, but I would run.)  But my realtor convinced me to write a note, letting them know that I would take great care of the house and honor the legacy of the artists who built it, which was mostly true.  So, the old folks changed their minds, and the house was ours.

Little did we know, not only did they not want to leave...they wanted to take the house with them.

Yep.  Another one.  Go figure.

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Susan said...

I can't wait to read more! Like a mystery that keeps you turning the pages.

Kelly said...

This series is such a tease! Hurry up and get in the house! :)

Kelly at View Along the Way

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Uh oh. I get the feeling that all the charm you thought you were buying was stripped away ... leaving you with just the oddities ...



Eclectically Vintage said...

The saga continues ...
Can't wait to see what the old folks do - will they lure you into the basement and put their own cement shoes on you?
Toss you down a well where nobody will hear your pathetic (Philly accented) cries for help?

Paige and Micah's Mommy said...

Did you ever find out what the bookcase button operated? It would drive me crazy!

Paige and Micah's Mommy said...
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