Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Painted Desk

I haven't posted photos of a project in awhile, so I thought I would quit being such a $lacka$$  post one today.

Didn't take any "before" shots, mainly because of the aforementioned "$lacka$$"  problem.

I kept the 'gold' trim and just touched it up a little.  The rest of the desk I scraped down to bare wood, because the off-white paint someone used didn't adhere, so it had a bunch of naked spots.  I painted it a light grayish-blue.  Not sure if that's one of the fifty shades.

It's a great size for a smaller space, like the office I would have in my perfect life.
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Courtney said...

Wow that's one gorgeous desk!! You certainly don't see pieces like that over here in Oz!!
Love that you left the gold :)
visiting from POWW!!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i love that gold detailing and so glad you kept it gold- looks so classic and glam! i would feel fancy writing at that desk. well, who am i kidding? i feel fancy all the time.

suzyq said...

This is absolutely beautiful -
Great job - your newest follower - would love to have
you visit and follow back!

Andy said...

That gold trim is pretty much rocking my world.

PS - I had so much fun hanging out with you at Haven!

Kelly said...

That last comment was from me, but I was signed into my husband's google account. He doesn't tend to get his world rocked by gold trim like I do.
-Kelly at View Along the Way

Bliss said...

Ah ha ha ha.... I'm laughing at Kelly's comment above me.


Between Blue and Yellow said...

This is so lovely! I think it's great you left the gold accents. Great to meet you a Haven!

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

I'm laughing at Kelly's comment too! The desk looks lovely! And, what? You don't have a perfect life ...?



Amy@BuffaloRoam said...

It is very pretty! Kelly - haha!!

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