Monday, April 2, 2012

Were you fooled?

In case you missed it yesterday, Bliss and I had a little fun.  We did the whole foolish thing...I was going to quit writing and she piggybacked and said it was because I was pregnant.  The pregnancy? That ship sailed long ago.  The not blogging?  Well, the content will be a little different for the next two months.  Here's why: 
In case you weren't aware, in many states teachers are under attack.  We are to blame for the economic woes, the lack of good jobs, the crime rate, and the disgusting state of the eighth grade bathrooms.  In addition, we're evaluated in such an erratic fashion that it makes statistics gurus shudder.  To make a long story short: if my students don't perform well on the ONE test in May, I will be fired.

(Honestly, I don't really worry about that.  Fire me. Who in their right mind wants my job?)

But I do not want to let my kids down, so I'm focusing on getting them through this.  I will continue to post, but I will mostly re-post my Mrs. Duffey series.  I'll be back, full steam ahead, in May.  Mrs. Duffey will be fun for those of you who missed her the first time (which is most of you, I think) and I won't feel the stress of trying to come up with something new.  When I finish a project (I still have to do projects, as that's part of the retirement plan--and retirement may be earlier than I think if I don't get acceptable scores), I'll be posting photos. So there's that to which you can look forward.

**Background info in Mrs. Duffey--
About five years ago, my mom gave me a box of books from her house (she was moving into an apartment).  My mom and I are both readers...we read the way other folks do whatever it is they do.  Which is to say we read A LOT!  Our tastes are not always the same, but our love of books is.  (It has only been in recent years that I've been able to let a lot of books go. We moved to a smaller house with fewer bookcases, so I had no choice.  I'm sure the books I've kept--Trixie Belden, Stephen King, L.M. Montgomery and about a hundred 'cozies'--says something about me, psychologically speaking.  I also probably don't want to know what it is.)
So when I finally started looking through the box o' books, I came across this book, What Women Should Know by Mrs. E. B. Duffey.  It's subtitled "A Woman's Book About Women, Containing Practical Advice for Wives and Mothers." (This is obvious, because single women with no children don't need any advice. They have it made! No one bugging them about dinner or waiting up until two in the morning for a teenager--no advice necessary!)  And I figured, if ANYONE needed a little advice?  C'est moi!  And Mrs. Duffey has plenty of it, which I will share with you for the next six weeks. 
I hope you enjoy.
And to all the lovely ladies who 'found' me yesterday--y'all are so sweet!  Thanks so much for following and I hope you aren't too mad.  But Bliss and I tend to get in trouble when we hang out together.


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

We are book people, too. We have books in our family room, upstairs family room, my office, kids' rooms, the attic, and now about 15 boxes of books in the basement which we brought home when my husband's uncle died. (That's after we gave 10 boxes of his drama books to the local university.) Some of the inherited books are 100 years old! I look forward to the wisdom of Mrs. Duffey. Maybe she knows what to do with excess books.

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Phew. I thought you were going to to away all together. Because that would be sad. I'm looking forward to learning all about what Mrs. Duffey has to say. I mean, look how modern and fresh she looks in that illustration ...



Bliss said...

I had not heard here in Minnesota that teachers have caused the woe of the world. In our state they seem to be put on a pedestal, which wouldn't be a bad thing if they were all good ones!

I will be following along with Mrs. Duffy. Somehow I think she's going to have funny advice.


Kolein said...

Can't wait!

Andrea said...

I am so tired of the tests. I want teachers to be able to teach creative things again that they are most passionate about. My 14 year old can see how wonderful his teachers are through the boredom of the information they need to teach. I can't even begin to imagine how incredible his days would be with a bit less of that filler! I ahev a feeling you are one of those wonders who has so much more to offer than a school day currently provides!

Looking forward to the series!

Julie Hutchinson said...

I'm sure this will be very interesting. Glad you're still here.

pendy said...

Your students will do fine. As a retired teacher, though, I really resent that so much rides on one test (especially when corruption of testing seems to be nationwide).

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

You and Bliss in cahoots with one another? What a shocker. No, wasn't falling for it. Plus, I knew if you really were pregnant that you would've thrown yourself off the nearest cliff.
I imagine the kids in your class to be the very brightest in the school.
They'll be fine with you in charge.

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