Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shop Stalker Sunday

Yesterday I made the long (55 miles one way) trip to Burlington to set up shop at The Gingham Daisy. 
And this expansion has got me thinking---what do I want my spaces to look like, moving forward towards total world domination?
My booth at Elizabeth's is a wonky shape.  I took the window because I wanted to put my sign up, but that meant having to avoid the electrical panel and leaving a gap at the light switch.  I have tried to use the 'wonkiness' to my benefit and give the space an eclectic feel, mixing painted furniture with vintage and rustic pieces.   So far, it has worked.  But now that I have another space...

So I did what any good teacher would do: research.  I looked through websites and blogs and physical shops and etsy shops, and I found some great things out there.  One is Olde Tyme Marketplace, about two hours south of here.  Beth is on etsy and she has a real-life shop.  I like her vintage garden vibe.  I have garden items, but can't have flowers in a booth because of the whole watering thing.

Bliss Farm Antiques (not to be confused with Bliss Ranch) has a great eye and a good vibe.  Plus, she goes to France, but she isn't overwhelmingly French, like some shops.

Alice and Jay are darling!  They own a little shop in Georgia, I think, and it's fun and hip and cool.  I am not going to emulate them, though, because if I get any hipper?  They will need to be replaced. (My hips, that is, not Alice and Jay.)

One of my favorite places is Nest.  They have a lot of vintage, shabby items with a few new gifts sprinkled in.  The shop is really well laid-out; it doesn't feel cramped or crowded.

So, the research continues, as no decision has yet been made...


Katie said...

It seems as though I have more reading to do... I'm not entirely sure what kind of booth you have but I think I can kind of tell by the links you posted. What FUN places. Do you also sell these types of things? It has been a HUGE dream of mine to have a store like these. :) How fun. A really cool store that I recently found is called Leon & Lulu
since I went there, my dream has resurfaced and I can't stop thinking about opening a store. Good luck with your wonky space. It's always fun to try to find good solutions to problems like that. Now, I must keep reading to get some answers!

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

I can see why you love them all ... especially that Alice and Jay. That shop is awesome! With the little camper too? If I'm ever in Georgia again I'm heading their way ...



Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Research, huh? Aren't you a clever girl! Where are pictures from The Gingham Daisy?

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Booths are harder than you think to stage, I've discovered! I need to do some research, too, but it'll have to wait until school is out (unless it's of the virtual variety). Share some pics of your new space!!
xo Heidi

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