Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On the day in which I turn 52 and cut my bangs. Without the aid of a professional.

Let's talk about covetousness for a minute.
You know covetousness...it's in the Bible.  It's the 10th Commandment and when you read it, it says "a$$" and if you're ten years old, you think it's really funny.

What I covet is not an a$$, unless you're going to give me a nice one instead of the double-wide I have, but hair.
And not just any hair.
Janet Lynn's hair.

From ask.com's figure skating thingy, I think.
If you are over fifty, you know that Janet Lynn is the one on the right.  She is one of the greatest figure skaters to never win gold.  Why?  Because her free skating was brilliant, and her "rule following" skating was not.  I loved Janet Lynn.
But I loved her hair even more.
I loved her hair so much that on my thirteenth birthday, I cut my own hair.
(Y'all will have to remember that I lived out in the middle of nowhere and there was only Vern the  barber in my small town.  One had to go to the CITY to get a 'real' style.  I didn't have the opportunity to do that until AFTER I made a huge mess of my hair.  While that wasn't the initial thought, it was a nice bonus.)

We all know what happens to hairstyles; they come and go.  So it was with Janet Lynn's feathered cap and mine.  I grew the straight, parted-in-the-middle Gwyneth curtain (not a good look for someone who has very thin hair) and kept it until my senior year, when I went back to shoulder length with the side part, bangs feathered back.  I kept that until I began my sojurn into very short, boyish styles (ala Vern the barber). 
I've kept my hair short, for the most part, ever since.  But lately, I have been longing for longer hair.  With bangs.
And today, I succumbed to the siren call of the nail scissors while I stood looking into the bathroom mirror.
In my mind, I look just like Janet Lynn.


Bliss said...

You gonna post us a bang photo?


Thrifty Crafty Girl said...

Pictures. Pronto.

Thrifty Crafty Girl said...

Oh, and happy birthday!

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Ok, I'm over 50 (52 actually!), and I didn't know who Janet Lynn is. I remember Peggy Fleming and then I jump straight to Dorothy Hamill, who has kind of a similar hair cut. I tried growing my hair into a bob recently after many years of short haircuts. I realized I was looking even frumpier than ever and cut my hair short again last week. I second the motion for a picture!

pendy said...

You want to know what is not fair? They don't even have to do that rule part of figure skating now! She was robbed! Oh, and I actually had that haircut...the pixie. I actually kind of still do!

Andrea said...

Wait...isn't that you with bangs over theere on the left?

Andrea said...

Btw...happy birthday? ( the question mark is the birthday part...not the happy part)

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Let's see those bangs, Kirb.

Julie Hutchinson said...

I got bangs recently and they're driving me bonkers!

Dharma said...

Happy Birthday. Bang on lady. Bang on.

Kolein said...

Where's the picture? I was scrolling and nothing came up. You must have forgotten to upload it. We'll wait!


Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

I loved Janet Lynn, too! (Not quite 50, but I remember her!) Dabbled in figure skating for a while way back, and my coach actually trained in the same rink with Janet Lynn. Closest brush with fame I ever got. If you show us a picture, I'll show you a video of me on skates today! (Sadly, I'm guessing I probably look about as much like Janet skating as your bangs look like her hair?)

MOV said...

happy bday, and where is the pic?


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