Monday, April 9, 2012

Mrs. Duffey hits puberty...right upside the head.

(First of all, when I see puberty approaching, I tend to turn and run in the opposite direction. This comes from spending the past twelve years teaching middle school.)

But Mrs. Duffey has other things to say.
Mrs. Duffey makes the following points with regards to puberty in females:

"It is a time when guardians cannot be too watchful, and when the girl herself should be supplied with all needful information, that, through ignorance, she may commit no fatal error." (This concerns me. What kind of information might this young girl receive that will keep her from dying? Not to gut-stab herself with a shard of mirror before dancing Swan Lake?)

"We suppose our daughters to acquire this knowledge somehow, but, yielding to a false delicacy or criminal indifference, where or by what means we never inquire." (I know where I got my information--from that movie they showed in 5th grade, and then from another movie shown in 9th grade. I certainly never learned anything from Beth. She would have been mortified to talk about sex. As far as she was concerned, the stork brought her children.)
"In a family of children I would have no mysteries. There should be no fables of babies brought by doctors or nurses, or being found under cabbage leaves." (Of course not, Mrs. Duffey. We all know that the stork brings them!)

Perhaps the most amusing section in this chapter is the section in which she describes the "symptoms" of puberty: moodiness, nervous depression, excitability, and "mawkish sensibility." Amusing because these are the same symptoms of menopause. I can't wait until I hear what Mrs. Duffey says about that!


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Amen, sister, on the menopause symptoms!

Marianne said...

Nothing like a little mawkish sensibility!

Andrea said...

I will gladly thank Judy (as in Blume) for teaching me most of what i needed to know!

Bliss said...

It's official, you are in my head. I was going to write sounds like menopause I wonder what Mrs. Duffy will say about that. Word. For. Word.


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