Friday, March 30, 2012

I Decided....

....that since my readership has tanked (see graph below), I would just link to other, more popular, blogs.

First, there are my two AWESOME former students, Russ & John. They spent some time after college graduation in Africa and kept a blog so their moms would not get all panicky.

Then, there's Mrs. Tuna. When she blogs, she's good. 

Alice and Jay have the cutest things!

AnnHeidel is a stamper/entrepreneur who is also perhaps the nicest person in North Carolina.

And I would totally live in any one of the homes featured here.

Like sarcasm?  Here it is.


Kolein said...

Wha? Why? What's going on? You're not the only one. I mean, I don't know where to find a graph thing for my blog. But others have been posting that their blog visits are down too! Is it twitter, FB, Reader??

It's spring. That must be it! It came early and everyone is outdoors, right?

Don't be down on the down. You are a funny and worthy writer who has a nice following!


Heidi @ Decor & More said...

I swear it's the big Google conspiracy -- we're all seeing the same thing. But it's Friday, my friend, so pour a glass of lemonade (or wine) and sit back and appreciate yourself!
xo Heidi :)

Bliss said...

Don't make me come over there and slap you.


Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Who needs them if they're stupid enough to not come back. Good riddance is what I say.

Oh, and thanks for completely and totally distracting me when I'm supposed to be packing up my Pass it On pillows and going through each and every link up a the Cinchy party and leaving lovely comments like, "How wonderful that you cut off the hands of a my size Barbie and distressed them to look like they were muddy and then arranged them with some rosary beads and crosses and ... WTF!"

She came through my blog. I'm more than happy to send her your way ...


Thrifty Crafty Girl said...

While not wanting to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon, I do feel like the reporting is off... everyone is reporting that their stats have lowered, and it was pretty suddenly. It's not our fault, we're still awesome!

pendy said...

I read every time you have a new post. No one ever reads my blog, and that's okay, too. :)

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hey Kirby, like I said when you showed the skyrocket, Google had a malfunction with their stats gadget dealy-bob last month. Many people's were way off, mine included. this week they plummeted. Your readers haven't gone away, it's probably back to a more normal and accurate reading. I had been having 3 times as many said Google stats, but they were bogus, not real numbers. so don't worry nothing's changed, I think we're just back to "normal".

Julie Hutchinson said...

Oh those snow capped peaks...well at least you won't have to learn how to yodel.

fiona anderson said...

It's no good trying to send people away, they'll keep coming back here for the wit, sarcasm and (for me) occasional shots of Brandywine.
My suggestion - don't look at the stats, have a glass of Brandy or maybe wine !

thistlewoodfarm said...

No worries Kirby. You can't get rid of us! I smile everytime a post lands in my e-mail :) Can't wait to read more of the kirbster :)

Have a blessed weekend.

Amy - while wearing heels said...

I just found your blog today...thanks to Bliss. From the short time I have had a chance to poke around, you have definitely entertained me. I was sorry to read you plan on taking a break from blogging. You aren't alone in wondering if any one is out there and cares...but from the looks of it, you have loyal readers that do care and new readers (like me) that just recently found you. I hope, after your blogging break, you find yourself willing to try again. I am betting you are the kind of blogger I would enjoy...only wish I had found you sooner :)

amy @

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