Sunday, March 25, 2012

House Stalker FINALLY gets inside!

This is a repost from the last tour we were on...I'm on another tour today.

You know those people who operate on the periphery of your life?  Those people about whom other people say: "You really should meet so-and-so; you two would really get along"?  Those people who pop up on the sidebar of your facebook with the announcement that you have 35 mutual friends?

Well, yesterday I met those people.  And it was a complete fluke.
The Junior League here in my little city had their annual home tour yesterday.  As with most of their tours, the majority of homes were in my neighborhood.  (What I'm doing in this neighborhood can be found in the Brandywine tab underneath my header.)  I love seeing what other folks have done with these old places, and I steal get a lot of really great ideas from these tours.

By far and away our favorite home on the tour was this one.

sunken living room--but not stuck in the sixties
amazing island

who doesn't love a reading nook in the kitchen?

And a SECOND reading nook in the upstairs study!

Little did I know, this home belonged to Charlie and Janice.  Charlie was the guy who kept popping up on facebook, and Janice was the person my friends kept telling me I should meet. 
Unfortunately, I didn't know that when I was in their beautiful home.
But maybe I was too gobsmacked by the home itself.

It isn't often that I find a house I would trade Brandywine for.  (Unless I've recently fallen thorough the floor of the world's smallest bathroom.  In which case a cardboard box at the side of the road looks more desirable.)

                     But for this one?  I could make an exception.


Bliss said...

We have a pond on our patio, but not THAT kind of a pond! Wow. And we would call the fire a pizza oven and I keep hearing rumors Brawn and sons are making one. We will see. So did you call Charlie and Janice back and tell them they will be featured?


Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista said...

Reading nook and an outside fireplace? I'm in.


Dharma said...

Love that reading nook upstairs! This is why I go to open houses.....I'm such a snoop :) You will have to let them know about your Bliss said. They'd likely be thrilled.

Kirby Carespodi said...

Thanks, folks! I actually asked permission to take photos first, then gave them my card. I hope they decide to check out the blog!

fiona anderson said...

I've always wanted a wrap around verandah and what an amazing outside space.
Open house here omly happens during an Art Festival, when lots of the furniture is moved out and you often only get to go in one room - not nearly as good as your House Tours.

Julie Hutchinson said...

Wow! Yes please, I'll have one of those - and someone to clean it.

Andrea said...

My house has no nooks! That is just one charm element missing over here.

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