Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Happy Bench by DL!


DL: Now that people are starting to think about working outside, I thought it would be a good idea to make a bench that can be used indoors or outdoors.  (Kirby: We used to have really good success with these benches, but not so much the past couple of years.  I am hopeful, but with reservations.)

DL: This is some pine we had milled from a tree that came down a couple of years ago. (Kirby: The tree was on our property, but it fell into a neighbor’s yard, where their big tree “caught” it.  Then we had a guy come to take it down, and he had to LIFT IT OVER OUR HOUSE WITH A CRANE!  No $hit!  They had to lift the tree OVER THE HOUSE!  It was scary as crap and I had to leave so that I wasn’t watching.  I went to Target and spent money.)

DL: The boards I had milled have been seasoning for a few years, and they are the right width for a nice bench.


(It IS a nice bench, and it’s available at Elizabeth’s at Hanes Park. Now, we have a #*&%^@! magnolia that got all torn up in the last ice storm that needs to come down.  Fortunately, it will not need to be lifted over the house.)



Monday, April 21, 2014

What I Found Appealing!

PicMonkey Collage420
"A host, of golden daffodils…"
A great rustic indoor/outdoor bench by DL…
A beautiful day for gardening…
What did you find appealing?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

It’s Spring! Who wants a drink?


A year or two ago, my mother gave me a little cabinet, which I turned into a liquor cabinet.

But last summer, I found this cute little cart that I spray painted gold.  I kept it in the bedroom for awhile (with books and a phone and a box of scarves which the kitties subsequently learned to open) and it was a little too large for the space. so I thought “why not?”




The liquor is right there in the foyer (which would be really convenient if I could use the front door, but it hasn't worked right since we moved in in 2006  my husband has it on his list of "things to do" so I expect it will be done this millennium  summer), where it's handy.
I don’t even have to squat and open the doors! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Walkabout Wednesday #2


Do you know my friend Kerry over at HouseTalkN?  Well, despite the fact that her neighborhood is filled with amazing homes with storybook style, she still dreams about a colonial—one that’s big enough for her large family.  (And they are both large in number—4 children!  And dogs!  And they are also very tall people—like 6 feet tall or more.  ~except maybe for the dogs~)  So my walkabout this week was a mission to find Kerry her King-sized K Colonial.


We’ve got a bunch of ‘em!
This one has handy-dandy balcony-ish things for the kids to play “Tarzan” on!

This one is more “Southern Colonial”  with a big front porch.  I find a big front porch to be a great place for “time out.”  Public shaming never goes out of style.


This one (which isn’t really crooked…I just held the camera that way) is perfect!  (It’s also the the one pictured at the top.)  Not only is approximately a billion square feet, it also has a garage with some sort of room above.  I like to call that room “Mom’s Hidey-Hole.”  You could probably put a wine fridge up there and a big fluffy couch and a television that only has HGTV and Bravo.

wine fridge

Welcome to the 'hood, Kerry!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

What I found appealing!

sweet clover

Part Two of Spring Break travels took me to Maryland, where I met with the lovely women above: Eclectic Kelly, Sarah The Thriftress, The Painted Home (Denise brought her Crafty Camper!) and the inimitable Cassie from Primitive & Proper.


(How cute is this camper?  DL talked about it all the way home.  I told him NO MORE PROJECTS!!!)


One of the reasons we head to Maryland for a long weekend (besides visiting with Cassie) is to stop in at Chartreuse, where they have great ideas for booth spaces.  (This is an antique crib similar to one we picked up at an estate sale last fall.)


Some of the Sweet Clover family had a tent space at Chartreuse, too.


It was a pretty day, but INCREDIBLY windy, and DL was the hero of the day when he took hold of a tent that was collapsing. 


They ended up taking the whole thing down, after it had broken in the wind.

Meanwhile, I ran around, checking things out.  (I would have jumped in to help, but my right arm isn’t really moving.  Something has happened to my shoulder. They gave me drugs, but I am afraid to take them.)

What did you find appealing?

Friday, April 11, 2014

I Take it all Back!


I had a little problem in the spot where I had my booth.  The guy who had the booth next to mine used to put his table in front of where folks walked into my booth. 

Part of the problem was my booth space—it wasn’t one of those nice open booth spaces, it was enclosed on three sides with a narrow entryway.

And the guy next to me used to push his little table in front of the doorway.  And the table was full of Waterford.

Every time I tried to get into my booth, I was afraid.

So were the folks who wanted to get into my booth.  I told the owners that I needed a new space, or I would have to go somewhere else. (This was true…the space I had was pretty expensive for having no visibility.)

So they found me a new space and I got ready to move over spring break.  I went into the shop, and the owner met me at the door with that “deer in headlights” look, and she said “There have been some changes.” 
I thought ‘oh crap.’


And found that all my stuff had been moved to the new space!  The Waterford guy was moving into my old space, and he paid a helper to move all my stuff out and over to the new space!  (Bonus—he was all nice and apologetic.)
I’m sorry I dissed you, Waterford guy.  You are my new friend!