Monday, September 15, 2014

A little Fall, y’all!


In a little “between” time before I Halloween stuff up, I am including apples on my mantel.

I found some canvas apples at a little store near my mom’s house, and I fell in love with them.


At a yard sale, I found a plastic apple.  Not crazy that it was gray, I decided to paint it.


I mixed up some Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in Tricycle, and added a little more water.  I liked a little bit of the gray showing through.


… A little green on the leaf, some taupe on the stem, et voila!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

What I found appealing!

PicMonkey Collagefall wreaths
Thinkin’ ‘bout Fall, y’all!

Here’s the skinny:
Fall Wreaths
Door D├ęcor
Table Settings

Friday, September 12, 2014

Guest Room Reveal!!

kirb appeal

In my own little corner, in my own little chair…

Yep…this is a room fit for a fairy tale.  (I hope it’s not Grimm.)

Kirb Appeal

Beadboard courtesy of DL, to cover the painted-over wallpaper, which should be criminal.  The white is Behr Mirage White and the blue is close to Behr’s Blue Feather. The drapes are from JCPenney, who sent me a credit card in 1983. The brass bed is an antique from Grandma Hazel’s house, the small blue table is from Ikea and the quilt, artwork and little lamp are vintage.

Kirb Appeal

If you saw my mirror makeover, you saw that it was in the corner with the table, but it was lonely.  I could hear it crying in the night.  I had forgotten that there was this nice little blue shelf in the basement (I am always forgetting that I have stuff, and then I go out and buy more stuff and then I find the original stuff, which is annoying), so I decided to see how it looked in that cubby.

Kirb Appeal

I added my zinnias everywhere…

Kirb Appeal

moved the painted buffet in from the living room…

Kirb Appeal

I put this nice vintage wall lamp above the bed, opposite the Ikea table.  That’s in case two people sleep in this bed and one of them wants to read.

I am pleased with how this room turned out.  It TOTALLY suits Brandywine Cottage, and it’s completely different from what others in Blogland are doing.  All that’s missing are the guests!
(And for helpful hints about hosting, see this post at ReFresh ReStyle!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Walkabout Wednesday

When I go home, (“home” being Wayne County and the shores of Lake Ontario),  I love to spend time walking around the village of Pultneyville.

When DL and I were first married (31 years ago today!), we dreamed of living in Pultneyville in a cute home like one of these.



But DL saw the writing on the wall, and we left my home for somewhere the jobs were more plentiful in order for us to raise a family without worrying about finances.




But boy, we would have loved one of these homes, like this 1860 beauty…



…with the side porch to die for.


There are so many beautiful homes here,




but this is my favorite.  It’s a beautiful traditional home on a corner lot, and it has…


this great red “barn” for DL to work on his projects and for me to have a “barn sale” in the spring and fall.

Not to mention this view across the street…



So long, summer.  You were awesome.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Friday, September 5, 2014

Bringing DL back to the conversation

Kirby here.  Every once in awhile I let DL commandeer the blog and tell us about making furniture.  Generally, I have to add my two cents, too, which you’ll see in italics.
DL:  This summer, I went to Pennsylvania to pick up some stuff that was only an hour from where my parents live.  I rented a van and picked up some factory carts in Red Lion, and then went to an old shirt factory to get some more stuff.

(Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that leg of the trip with him, as I was going to my mom’s to visit.  I had to rely on him to get the cool stuff. He’s developing a decent eye, so I knew I could trust him.)


DL:  One of the cool things I found in the shirt factory was several dismantled pinball machines.  I told Kirb, and she said if I brought back pinball machines, I would need to find a new place to live.  (There’s already too much of his crap at this house.  We still have 72,470 pieces of wood here, fercryin’ outloud.)

DL:  I decided to bring two of the glass fronts, and I brought them home to ask Kirby what we should do.  (As if I would have any ideas about what to do with pinball art.)  She didn’t have any ideas, so I took it down to Tammie.  (Tammie is like his girlfriend, only she’s a girl who’s a friend.  She gives him ideas of stuff to make and whatnot.) Tammie mentioned that it might look good with the background painted black, then framed.  (I honestly do not care what he does with this stuff.  I am just tired of it being everywhere.)


DL: I spray painted the back of the glass black, and after it dried, I decided to make a frame out of some of the scrap wood (YAY!  Use that crap up!) I had laying around.



(Kirby:  it DOES look cool, I have to hand it to him.)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Project for Guest Room Makeover


One of the dilemmas I have with this guest room is a little tiny cubby that demands a closet or something else I can’t afford.
So, instead…I decided to put in a small table and a mirror for a “vignette.”  (Honestly?  I cannot even believe I am using that word.)  At least until I can afford something else.

Mirror?  I had a $10 limit.


This is what I found!  It’s a cute little round mirror—metal—painted white.
I loved it, but white wasn’t going to work.
Oh, wait…don’t I have a closet full of paint?


I taped off the mirror, just in case, and painted the leaves bright green and the roses a mauvey-pink. 


I mixed two shades of Couture Collection ™ wax—White Silk and Gunmetal Tulle—and gave the leaves and roses a light coat.

It looks great…and the reveal is coming soon!