Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I won the coin toss, and it's off to Big Lots!!

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When I was growing up, my mother had "shopping habits." She went to the same four or five stores for just about everything. To my eleven year-old self, that was boring.

I'm fortunate in that I have a number of stores to choose from (and that doesn't even include the mall!), but I find myself to be just like my mother in that I tend to go to the same places time and time again.

One of those places is Big Lots.

If you know Big Lots, you know they have high style at great prices. It's a great place to buy a few pieces to change out your look, which is what I'm doing in my studio/office.

DL and I finally decided that we would not compromise on two areas of the house: the loft room and the basement. We flipped a coin, and he got the basement and I got the loft room. (This is a lie. I took the loft room and he was stuck with the basement. This is actually fine with him because the basement has a huge television and the loft room doesn't even have a spot for cable.) Because fall is here and I want to cozy things up, I headed over to see what decorative items I could add to my "new" room.

One thing I knew I wanted was a collection of frames and a shadow box. (Actually, I will probably be going back for more shadowboxes!) It was one of my goals to add some items that have meaning to me, and not necessarily to DL. The photos are of my dad as a toddler and two hometown friends of mine at a Lion's Club picnic. The dress was mine as a little girl. The simple black frames allow the pieces to shine through. (The frame selection is great, and varies by store.)

I also knew I wanted to add some autumnal bling, and Big Lots had an enormous amount from which to choose. I chose a mercury glass candle holder and ball.

(These unscented candles -- unscented because of my allergies -- were one of approximately one zillion candles available. The assortment varies.)

Along with the candle holder and ball, I chose some vase filler in a great shade of green. I put this in a basket with the mercury glass ball, and it really adds some bling to the small table inside the door.

The little black table was a Big Lots find, as well. It called to me as I walked past. I love the black against the knotty pine walls, which I'm always debating. To paint, or not to paint? That is the question. But black is good in any room, and this little table fits the bill!

I love to go to Big Lots for seasonal items as well. As you can see, they have a huge assortment. Last year I stocked up on mercury glass pumpkins, which are coming soon to a post.

Across the room, I added two pillows to the loveseat. This is the room where I do all my best thinking and writing of my soon-to-be bestseller. I needed a soft pillow and so I bought the blue one. Then I found the GORGEOUS paisley pillow in the colors (orange, green, beige, aqua) that I am using in the room. What great good luck!  To those, I added a blanket just in case I get chilly.

I am lucky that I have not one but TWO Big Lots nearby, and I love them both. Depending on which direction my errands take me, I probably shop them equally. Both have pleasant folks at the cash registers and a wide assortment of fun items to decorate with. What I especially love is that I can change out all my accessories without breaking the budget. Last year I traded out a lot of my autumn decor for larger-scale items, and Big Lots was the place I went first. This fall, I'll be going back for clear jars and organizers, as I am streamlining my crafting space.  

I follow Big Lots on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube.

I mean, #ICantEven

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Still working those 12-hour days, so...

I hate feeling like I am writing a "cop-out" post.

You of the posts you write because you know you need to write SOMETHING because it's been two weeks and if you don't post something TODAY, all of your readers will forsake you. (Which is a lie, because my readers are middle-aged women who tend to stick with each other through thick and thin!! That's what's cool about being over fifty!!)


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A superhero shouldn't Poise Impressa helped.

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Most days, I feel like a superhero.

I do the wife thing, I do the teacher thing, I do the business owner thing, I do the writer thing...and I'm still not done.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Triangle Reads and talking to real authors without turning green

Yesterday, I got to do something exciting that I have never done before. 

I got to talk to a BUNCH of writers in person. 
Real writers.
Writers who have seen their names on the New York Times Bestseller list.

In other words, writers I want to be.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What to do when the neighbors tear down your fence.

Somedays you come home from work, and someone has torn down your fence.  

And it is lying in pieces in the neighbors' yard.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Book Report for August

We readers in this blogging book club have all been very busy (as are we all!), and so this month is a round-up of books while we wait for all of us to catch up. (The book for August is The Light Between Oceans, but we're waiting until September to review it, I think.)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The New Brandywine Cottage!!

I have had booth spaces off and on for about twelve years now.  I use them as a way to get rid of things when I'm redecorating, as well as getting rid of some of the DPS.  In the past few years, my sweet DL has gotten into the business of recycling industrial pieces, and he has items to sell as well.

I have had a spot in Winston for a long time, and a few years ago I decided to branch out to other areas.  I was in Burlington, but the roof caved in on my booth (literally) and that made me think I should stay closer to home.  I took a spot in Greensboro in Shoppes on Patterson, but then a booth came open in the Antique Marketplace.  So I handed the Shoppes booth over to Janet, who had a ton of stuff to sell, and I went over to Antique Marketplace.

I painted the walls a pale gray, and DL and I started moving stuff in on Saturday morning!

The folks are very friendly...both the people who work there and the other vendors.  I'm excited to be a part of it!

I will be taking another car full over on Thursday or Friday night, but I think we made good headway this weekend.