Friday, August 1, 2014

Bliss is back...and talking burgers!

Lets talk hamburgers.  Huffington Post had an article about the country's best burger, so I had to read it.

The Habit Burger
I always have this need to know what I'm missing, a faulty gene of the food category that I have transmitted to my youngest son who asks when we can find a local place so he can try a Kobe beef burger.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

A ‘Mad Men’ Bar (in my other house)

What some people don’t know: this is not my first rodeo  house.

DL and I have lived in four others—three of them right here in the greater W-S area.
Why?  Mainly because we are clinically insane like to fix up houses.
What some people don’t know: I have not always decorated like Miss Marple in the cottage style.
I always let the house dictate the style.  So far, I have lived in a Country Ranch, a Traditional Georgian, and an Old World house in the ‘burbs. Now, we’re back in a house similar to our first: a cottage. (And PS: this has always worked for us.  We’ve always sold our houses within a few weeks of putting them on the market.)

But I have never lived in a Mid-Century Modern. We won’t, because DL says this is our last house.  I say that if I want to move to Brooklyn and be the world’s oldest hipster, he should not dissuade me.  But alas, I love DL and will not want to go without him.
So when the folks at Chairish asked me if I’d make an idea board using their barstools, I thought ‘Yay! Mid Century Modern!’ because I will never have it in real life.

PicMonkey Collage bar
The Danish Modern barstools from Chairish were the jumping off point that includes a great retro sofa in gray (True Modern Luna from Wayfair), a vintage padded bar in black pleather (sold on an auction site—going price was $800), a zebra rug by Milliken (available LOTS of places) and some groovy Fiesta glassware (get these at Bed, Bath & Beyond!).
Now you know my hidden secret—You might think I decorate like Jessica Fletcher, but in my heart I’m Betty Draper.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Saturday, July 26, 2014

What I Found Appealing


Let’s just say I REALLY NEED a space to work on projects.  And it NEEDS climate control.  So it cannot be the garden house (which DL has taken over) and THERE’S A BIG HONKIN’ POOL TABLE IN THE BASEMENT THAT DL INSISTS WE KEEP, so there’s no room down there. 

Which kind of, sort of leaves the loft room, which has no climate control, which makes it appropriate for use approximately 6 weeks out of the year.

I had to take my sewing machine out of there and put it in the sunroom because I was afraid that it would get ruined, so now we have the sewing machine sort of in the kitchen which is both stupid and inconvenient.

I am at a loss.

But a girl can dream, can’t she?

zakka sewing studio

hearthandmadeuk craft room patchwork door

Both of these are from a blog called heart handmade (uk).  I love to look at the pictures because they are SO English cottage.  I get lots of inspiration!

(And there’s not a pool table in sight.)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Café curtains


One thing about being a teacher that you may not realize: I have to cram a year’s worth of projects into six weeks (minus the vacation time).  So I am (in the vernacular of DL) busting my hump.

One of the things I wanted to do this summer was to clean out the loft room.  It’s a room that’s just been used to store stuff, because there’s no heat or cooling in there.  I had to move my sewing machine out of there and into the sunroom because of the lack of climate control.  I have a long-term goal for it to become a craft room and office, but for right now I just want it relatively useable. (Translation: get the junk OUTTA THERE!)

The first thing to do was get the big honkin’ desk out.  It was serving absolutely no purpose in there, now that the sewing machine was somewhere else.  That left the window uncovered. (Uh oh!  The window’s naked!)
My quest was to cover the window for exactly zero dollars.  I wasn’t going to pay for a curtain rod, let alone curtains. What’s a woman to do?

I decided that raiding the junk drawer was in order.


Two eye screws and some covered wire later….I had something to hang curtains on.  Curtains?
Vintage embroidered dishtowels.  Hung with clothespins.

I always have clothespins hanging around, as they are so incredibly useful. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use them au naturel or to paint them green (green because I had some left over from another project—remember, I am working with a budget of $0), so I decided to try both and let DL decide (maybe). 

Painting clothespins is something I do every once in awhile, and this is how I like to do it:

*Get a clean Chobani cup. (It doesn’t have to be Chobani, but it would be nice if it was, because DL has the contract for Chobani for the next couple of years and every little bit helps.)

*Clip all your clothespins to the rim.

*Pour a little bit of paint into the bottom of the cup. 
*Now you can paint all the way around the clip and not have to worry about getting your fingers all painty.


*Let ‘em dry, take ‘em off, and throw away the cup.  It’s that simple!


Do you like them au naturel??


Or green?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

What I found appealing!


Just a few posts ago, I wrote about the trip DL and I took to Chicago (where I hung out with Marianne and he went to the Museum of Science and Industry).  I mentioned that I found this AWESOME drink, like a sangria, and I couldn’t wait to get home to play around with the ingredients, which are as follows:

*fresh fruit (I used lime, blueberries and blackberries.)
*fresh mint
*St. Germain
*Sweet white wine
*Ginger ale
(Let me note that St. Germain is INCREDIBLY expensive.  The bottle is gorgeous, but it only comes in one size, and that size is expensive. If you have a friend, maybe she’ll let you use some of hers. I bought “real” ginger ale, but one of the restaurants used ginger beer.  I liked it with ginger ale.)

First of all, I got out a little pitcher.  (You can use whatever size you like—in this case, size doesn’t matter!)  I used the small one because I was only going to make two servings.


I placed a handful of blackberries and a handful of blueberries in the bottom of the pitcher.  (When you measure these, don’t hold them too tightly.  A loose handful is fine. Plus, you don't want to get berry juice all over yourself.)


I added some mint leaves and two slices of lime.


Two tablespoons of the very expensive French stuff (this liqueur is made from elderflowers, which is probably why it costs so much. It’s also popular with hipsters in Brooklyn, and they’re driving up the price), and two tablespoons of Limoncello.


You can see that we use this for stuff.  Mostly because my husband likes to use it in jello shots. (Did I say that out loud?)


Then I added two cups of sweet white wine.  I used Barefoot—it’s inexpensive, so that kinda makes up for the snooty hipster liqueur.


I added half the bottle of ginger ale on top (I used Reed’s).


DL put some ice in two glasses, and after one good stir, we were ready for some relaxation!


What did you find appealing?