Friday, March 27, 2015

This is probably a little presumptuous, but...

If you are stopping over from Junk Chic Cottage -Welcome!! You will find that we are mostly just ridiculous over here, but that's the way (uh huh, uh huh) we like it.

Unfortunately, we are currently coping with our grief caused by the announcement that next season is the final season of Downton Abbey,  and after days of teeth gnashing and handwringing and (in a Downton sorta way) throwing back the sherry until we're fairly blue with it, it was time to do what all good women of a certain age do....


...I hauled out the Lenox and set the table. 

I picked up these cute little Lenox bird plates (as if I needed MORE plates, because the approximately 372 plates already in my house---most of them formerly belonging to folks who are now dead---are simply. Not. Enough.) at a Lenox outlet store in Georgia on my way home from my sister's house last December.  (I originally stopped because the highway promised me that there would be a whole bunch of outlets off this particular exit, but mostly they were deserted.  It was really creepy, actually. Almost like a place where serial killers/scary clowns/the Phantom of the Opera would set up a little mattress and blanket and maybe a hot pot in a corner somewhere and catch cats in the night.  It was lunchtime on a really sunny day and I was still creeped out.  I recommend staying away, if you can.)

I used my special Downton napkin that my sweet Teen Wolf sent me.  (That is not her real name.  She is incognito.)


It seemed only right that there be a begonia involved, since hydrangeas are not in season and the roses in the grocery store leave something to be desired.  I find that you can rarely go wrong with a begonia.  They are all-purpose.


Shortly after this picture was snapped, the glass was filled.  Then emptied.  Then filled again.  (After all, we are in MOURNING, fercryin' outloud.)

Fortunately, I have all of spring break to decide what I'm going to do once DA is over.  Maybe I will ask DL to help me reenact my favorite scenes.  I'll be Mrs. Crawley and he can be the Dowager Countess.  (Not sure I can get him in a dress, though.)

In the meantime, I'll be at the (non-creepy) outlet mall.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Walkabout Wednesday

We seem to have a dearth of independent home décor boutiques here in Winston.  My favorite was Nekkid Dave (where I purchased several awesome things for Brandywine), but it closed over a year ago.

Wandering through West End (on Burke Street, for you local folks), I found that the downstairs portion of 1502 Fabrics had become another home décor shop!  It is a lot of fun to look at everything, and the decorators are so much fun to talk to.  If I had a big, honking budget, I could be coerced into spending some of it there! 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Love/Hate Relationship With Pants, Part I... or what I found appealing.

You know, fodder for the blog can be found in a plethora of places, particularly when it's been a slow project week.   

Lately, there's been a lot of talk about pants.

First, a mommy blogger decided to let the world know that she is no longer wearing yoga pants or leggings because she doesn't want to entice random men to look at her. 

These are not yoga pants.  These are jeans, which are my pants of choice.  Except on school days. (Courtesy NY Daily News)

Let me just say that I feel her pain.  I am so TIRED of random men being enticed by the sight of me  think that (for me) yoga pants should be worn to yoga in.  Or around the house when you're feeling a little Buddhist/Hindu/Jainist or maybe just sick and tired of it all.  Granted, there are a million young women out there who look INCREDIBLE in yoga pants or leggings or skinny jeans, but I? Do not. So I will not be wearing yoga pants in public, either.  I will be wearing my baggy sweatpants, even though Eva tells me not to.  Which brings us to the other hot topic of the moment...

Eva Mendes bravely came forward with the statement that the number one cause of divorce in America was sweatpants.
Apparently, unbeknownst to the rest of us, sweatpants have a lot of power.  Not money; not infidelity; but SWEATPANTS!  Like the ones I wear when I walk.

                                             These are not my sweatpants, but they are pretty darn close!

I realize that Ms. Mendes has said that she was kidding/being sarcastic/whatever, but I'm not so sure.  Perhaps she has more experience with sweatpants than the common person.  (Hear that, Gwyneth?) Maybe she has infiltrated their underground lair and overheard the plot to destroy American families, one by one.  And if sweatpants begin the revolution, what's next?  Hair Scrunchies?

I, for one, am taking cover.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wonder Under applique

I needed a few springy things for my booth, and I decided to get out some fabric and have some fun!

Target had some little dishtowels on extreme markdown, so I bought four sets.  I decided to put little birds on them with colorful fabric, Wonder Under and some black thread.

I cut a pattern out of a postcard, then traced it onto Wonder Under, which was then ironed onto the back of the bright fabric.  Then I cut on the lines and peeled off the backing and ironed the pieces onto the towel. 

I used my machine to stitch around the outline of the bird and eye and make the legs.  I hand stitched around the beak.

This is a quick and easy way to dress up a towel, and even if you can't sew, double-sided fusible web is a fun thing to play with!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Pi!! (Mostly happy because Notre Dame beat Duke.)

                                 photo courtesy of peace through pie and Picmonkey

Friday, March 13, 2015

Nothing could be finer than to be at Metrolina...

For about a year now, DL and I have been weighing the possibilities of doing a show.  I decided to check out one area show that occurs monthly, with two enormous shows in the spring and fall.  The organizers of the show have been sending me information for a month or two, asking if I'd like to participate, and I wanted to talk to some of the vendors there to see if it would be worth it.

Hudson Bay blanket?  Yes, please. For my lakeside cabin. In my mind.

For my attic bedroom, which will be completed in 2023. Right before we move to the home.
 All kinds of rustic goodness!

The folks with whom I spoke--lots of them vendors who do multiple shows or have booths all over the south--were very friendly and forthcoming with information. I got a lot of helpful info.

 A plethora of Frenchy pieces.
(An aside--I apologize for the centered text, of which I am not a fan, but Blogger is being ornery.)
Cute jacket.  Not my size, alas.
Loved these awesome trunks!
I have discussed the show with DL, and next month I hope he'll go with me to check it out and speak to a few more vendors.  I'll also find out how much the spaces are, and whether there's an indoor one available.  I wouldn't mind being on the "porch," as long as it's summer.  Can't get sick this time of year--too much to get ready for in terms of exams.
If you ever get down (or up!) Charlotte way, make sure it's the first weekend of the month so that you can head out to Metrolina!